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Dreadful Dishes – Cheerful Chore

As part of my role as a ‘househusband’ I just did the washing of the dishes… Matt and his housemate have had a heavy week of work culminating in a deadline this afternoon at 5pm, everybody’s dishes have been steadily piling up and eventually I took it upon myself to do them all. Afterall, I … Continue reading

Port Sunlight ‘neath Pleasant Sunshine

It is my last week living in Cheshire this week and consequently I have been saying my goodbyes to some of my hallowed haunts! On the weekend I visited Liverpool (where I wished the ground could have swallowed me up after having nearly killed a young couple with a hard golf ball and a very … Continue reading

Tierce de Picardie

Having just returned from a concert where I watched my friend singing Baroque choral music at Chester cathedral, I have rediscovered and revived my love of the wonderful & typical tierce de Picardie Granted, a bit of a random post. But hey ho!! (Here is a link to a video which ends with the tierce … Continue reading

Disaster Averted

Dearest Calcifer Jr’s camera is no longer broken. It was one of those annoying apple glitches. Phew! Now I can be snappy happy again when out in public and not armed with my trusty Olympus 🙂 Good times. (It was the simple act of ‘shutting down’ the camera app and re-starting a few times that made … Continue reading

Colchester Calling

As I mentioned in my first ever post (Hello, Salut, Olá Shw Mae) things in my life are at present really rather changeable. I am but in a state of transiency! To being with and for some general background info, you should know that I studied languages (French and Portuguese) at university. I love languages… … Continue reading

Equality Irk

I try not to be too political in my blogs (sorry in advance) — for a long time I wasn’t at all political in my private life, but as I’ve grown up I’ve found myself becoming more and more politically aware! Recently there’s been a lot about Coalition for Marriage and Coalition for Equal Marriage on the … Continue reading

Musical Meanderings

Walking around charming Chester I’ve been enjoying the eclectic selection on my iPod. Despite it being set to shuffle it has been intent on playing every other song by the same artist: Patch William. Sadly this group has come to a premature end. Despite having so much going for them (they were nominated for an … Continue reading