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Dreadful Dishes – Cheerful Chore

As part of my role as a ‘househusband’ I just did the washing of the dishes… Matt and his housemate have had a heavy week of work culminating in a deadline this afternoon at 5pm, everybody’s dishes have been steadily piling up and eventually I took it upon myself to do them all. Afterall, I have no current deadlines.

However, washing the dishes has got to be one of my most hated household jobs of all time!

My parents have a dishwasher which is great but it is quite rare in student houses (in the UK at least) to have a dishwasher, so it’s all done manually just like in the olden days.
How I long for the day I live in one place for a long time – with a dishwasher.

Anyway, this dastardly deed turned out to be a rather joyous job 🙂

It may seem obvious to you but I put some music on to help make the task more tolerable. Don’t get me wrong, it was obvious to me as I’ve done it before, but never before have I had such a good washing up sesh!
I put my iPod touch into the radio dock and chose my Musicals playlist. Maybe this was what did it… You see, whereas general pop/rock/soul/r’n’b songs (which I generally listen to) are enjoyable, they are very often two dimensional. Songs from the musicals, however, bring to mind the shows themselves. I can envisage the dancing, become involved in the storylines and I can basically loose myself in another world and as a result forget about the tedious task I’m undertaking.

I’m now going to get packing, ready for my move down south on Sunday.
Over and out!


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