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All aboard!

I’m writing on a busy Arriva Trains Wales train from Chester to South Wales. It is the 1st of April and armed with my possessions I am travelling to my parents’ home. Not for a late weekend break or a pre-Easter holiday, but rather to move back in with the parental unit!

As I said, things in my life are at present rather changeable.
All is well with le boyf – we’re not doing a Rachel/Ross on a break thing!! I’m just no longer going to be a ‘househusband’.

In an attempt to strengthen my university application for Speech & Language Therapy and to gain more exposure to and understanding of the profession I have secured a 3 month volunteering position within the SLT departments of Cwm Taf NHS Trust. A massive feat! It seems that gaining work experience in my proposed field is nigh on impossible. It was difficult enough to get Liverpool to offer me one meager day(!) and Bro Morgannwg and Hywel Dda trusts had a ‘no placements’ policy.

Of course I’m sad to have left my partner and moving back home might prove to be tricky (I love my parents but it’s hard to go back beneath their roof and lifestyle when you’ve been independent for 6 years!!) but the experience I’ll gain will be, in the words of Rob DJ and the Chris Moyles Show team, fandabydozee 🙂

I completed some SLT placements in my youth and really enjoyed, so I’m looking forward. Routine, I suppose, will be welcome too.

I’m still going to continue cooking as I enjoy it (even if I do sometimes become quite stressed in the process) but I’m looking forward to the reduction in household chores and the complete opposite in dishes etiquette. At home they never pile up and you don’t open the drawer to find there are no knives left!
Oh student houses…!
(If I get accepted at Essex -please – maybe I should get a studio. I think I’m rather intolerant with communal mess!)

Okay, so my aims/tasks for the next three months:

1) Mission: Biology – finish the AS Human Biology course

2) Mission: Summer bod – start a fitness regime incorporating jogging and gymming (I lost a fair bit of weight and muscle mass through illness)

3) Mission: Nigella – continue filling up my recipe folder with new and exciting recipes

4) Mission: (Non)Fiction – get on with story writing, song composing and keep up with letter writing

5) Mission: Speech – volunteer, learn lots and be super enthusiastic at hospital

There’s a busy, “fun”-filled few months.

All I can say is, stay tuned with the diary of the now non-househusband 😉


One thought on “All aboard!

  1. Wow, what a big life-changing move! I really enjoyed reading this post and I really admire how you’ve set yourself these goals. I wish you all the very best in achieving them!

    Posted by jubbiz | April 2, 2012, 9:11 pm

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