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Fishy Fallacies

As some of you may know, I am far from an animal lover. In fact I’m nearly at the opposite end of the spectrum and find that I rather dislike animals. Not the best sitch considering my boyfriend is a trainee veterinary surgeon…

Since we hooked up nearly two years ago, he has been striving ever so conscienciously to convert me to the ways of the Animal Kingdom!
His main aim has been to mould me into a fan of felines as he is most definitely a cat person. Well, it turns out that I have been quite good at learning to like cats… indeed I would even say I made friends with his mum’s neighbour’s cat… but in the process of trying to make me more cat-inclined we have discovered that I am actually quite allergic to the creatures! I itch and I itch, I wheeze and cough. Oh dear!

One family of animals that have never offended me, however, and that I’ve always been able to get along with well have been the fish family!
Because my dad is allergic to most things (and especially moving fur-covered organisms) we were never allowed pets, with the exception of goldfish.

I have always found fish to be zen, such peaceful creatures. An avid swimmer, from a young age I found myself fascinated by fish and their ability (well, necessity) to breathe under water.

When Matt and I moved in together in September, he convinced me that I should buy some goldfish for the house. He knew they were my weakness and my eventual dream is to have an aquarium in the wall (like at the perfume section of Howells department store in Cardiff or at Capulet’s mansion in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet).

We went ahead and bought two little goldfish which I named Dilwyn (€€€€€m) and Dilys (f). Just to prove their existence, here’s a photo of them in their first (and short-lived) home:

Well, a few weeks ago I found myself staring at the two Dils only to see a clear string-like substance trailing behind Dilwyn!! A sure sign he was ovulating. Yes, Dilwyn is a he-she. It was such a shock, but I’m coming to terms with it all by now 😉 I must accept him for who he is.

And there you have it, the fishy fallacy! Dilwyn’s unexpected sex change.

Just as a disclaimer – apologies for the utter randomness of this post. It just tickled me, my utter confidence in sexing fish and being so, so certain about Dilwyn; only to be proven wrong in the most explicit manner!


5 thoughts on “Fishy Fallacies

  1. Hahaha! The end of this just made me laugh! But I really liked the whole post. Including the very original alliterative title! I must confess that fish don’t rank very highly on my top animals (not fluffy enough!), but I do enjoy watching them, especially when in one of those amazing giant tanks. I had no idea you had pets – are you in charge of cleaning out the tank and stuff like that? And could the fish have babies?? (I suppose not, if they’re both girls!!)

    Posted by jubbiz | April 18, 2012, 7:01 pm
    • Indeed I am in charge of cleaning out the tank and the like!! I do dislike that part but my little ‘babies’ need a nice home so of course I ensure I do it!

      If Dilys turns out to be a boy then it’s a possibility, but I am convinced I sexed Dilys properly. I do think that Dilwyn is a raging lesbian goldfish and that’s what threw me. (S)he has all the traits of a boy fish and even chases after Dilys and “bites” her back end.

      I’d rather they didn’t have babies though as that would be really inconvenient and I don’t have space for more/bigger tanks.

      Posted by diaryofahousehusband | April 18, 2012, 7:43 pm
  2. This made me laugh to myself in the library. You better start shopping around for a bigger tank!

    Posted by EMMAR | April 20, 2012, 7:58 pm

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