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Magical Muggle Music – Miwsig Mygl Mawreddog

Originally posted on Yamaha Guy – Bachan Yamaha:
Click here to read in Welsh/Cliciwch yma i ddarllen yn Gymraeg For years now I have been saying that I must visit the ‘Making of Harry Potter’ Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. Despite my Harry Potter obsession and sheer desperation to go, I still haven’t been.…

Just an ordinary day..?

“Just a day, just an ordinary day”…as if, Miss Carlton! Today was a bit of a not so ordinary day! Well, that makes it sound exciting – far from it – it was just a bit of an odd and frustrating day really! Mixed with the teensiest bit of excitement I suppose. So I work … Continue reading

Mission: Speech

Okay, so I’ve written a little about my summer bod (i.e. fitness/health regime) mission but so much more has been going on in my life since moving away from my boyfriend’s and back to my parents’ late March. The only reason I moved back down south was to start a 3 month placement at a … Continue reading

Mission: Summer bod

Well, it’s official. I have finally joined the gym in Bridgend! It used to be solely owned by Bridgend County Borough Council; however it has recently come under the management of Halo Leisure, a leisure company based in Herefordshire and it seems they’ve invested in the centre. Following my induction last week I have since … Continue reading

Fishy Fallacies

As some of you may know, I am far from an animal lover. In fact I’m nearly at the opposite end of the spectrum and find that I rather dislike animals. Not the best sitch considering my boyfriend is a trainee veterinary surgeon… Since we hooked up nearly two years ago, he has been striving … Continue reading

All aboard!

I’m writing on a busy Arriva Trains Wales train from Chester to South Wales. It is the 1st of April and armed with my possessions I am travelling to my parents’ home. Not for a late weekend break or a pre-Easter holiday, but rather to move back in with the parental unit! As I said, … Continue reading

Dreadful Dishes – Cheerful Chore

As part of my role as a ‘househusband’ I just did the washing of the dishes… Matt and his housemate have had a heavy week of work culminating in a deadline this afternoon at 5pm, everybody’s dishes have been steadily piling up and eventually I took it upon myself to do them all. Afterall, I … Continue reading