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Tierce de Picardie

Having just returned from a concert where I watched my friend singing Baroque choral music at Chester cathedral, I have rediscovered and revived my love of the wonderful & typical tierce de Picardie Granted, a bit of a random post. But hey ho!! (Here is a link to a video which ends with the tierce … Continue reading

Musical Meanderings

Walking around charming Chester I’ve been enjoying the eclectic selection on my iPod. Despite it being set to shuffle it has been intent on playing every other song by the same artist: Patch William. Sadly this group has come to a premature end. Despite having so much going for them (they were nominated for an … Continue reading


It was a Tuesday night treat. A soirĂ©e of stirring songs and comical choruses. An evening of preppy pleasure! Camp Chihuahuas, bodacious bends and sassy snaps… it was, of course, a night at the theatre. A night of Legally Blonde. The whole Tuesday treat itself came about when my dear journalist-editor friend from university and … Continue reading