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Port Sunlight ‘neath Pleasant Sunshine

It is my last week living in Cheshire this week and consequently I have been saying my goodbyes to some of my hallowed haunts! On the weekend I visited Liverpool (where I wished the ground could have swallowed me up after having nearly killed a young couple with a hard golf ball and a very … Continue reading

Disaster Averted

Dearest Calcifer Jr’s camera is no longer broken. It was one of those annoying apple glitches. Phew! Now I can be snappy happy again when out in public and not armed with my trusty Olympus 🙂 Good times. (It was the simple act of ‘shutting down’ the camera app and re-starting a few times that made … Continue reading

Disaster Strikes

Oh no! I have just discovered that the camera on my iPod touch no longer works :-O Woe is me (and Calcifer Junior, my trusted iPod touch). I wanted to take a photo of my meal at Bella Italia and discovered the fateful fact. Whatever shall I do?? This is, indeed, a triste turnout. Sad … Continue reading

Hello, Salut, Olá, Shw mae

Hello bloggers! It’s always difficult to start a blog (or anything) and knowing how to start my first ever post on wordpress has been causing me much anguish, well, confusion in any case. Where to begin, what to say, what to share… The possibilities are endless for some people, I’m sure. However I’m one of … Continue reading