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Just an ordinary day..?

“Just a day, just an ordinary day”…as if, Miss Carlton! Today was a bit of a not so ordinary day! Well, that makes it sound exciting – far from it – it was just a bit of an odd and frustrating day really! Mixed with the teensiest bit of excitement I suppose. So I work … Continue reading

Fishy Fallacies

As some of you may know, I am far from an animal lover. In fact I’m nearly at the opposite end of the spectrum and find that I rather dislike animals. Not the best sitch considering my boyfriend is a trainee veterinary surgeon… Since we hooked up nearly two years ago, he has been striving … Continue reading

Tierce de Picardie

Having just returned from a concert where I watched my friend singing Baroque choral music at Chester cathedral, I have rediscovered and revived my love of the wonderful & typical tierce de Picardie Granted, a bit of a random post. But hey ho!! (Here is a link to a video which ends with the tierce … Continue reading

Disaster Averted

Dearest Calcifer Jr’s camera is no longer broken. It was one of those annoying apple glitches. Phew! Now I can be snappy happy again when out in public and not armed with my trusty Olympus 🙂 Good times. (It was the simple act of ‘shutting down’ the camera app and re-starting a few times that made … Continue reading

I’m so excited and I don’t even want to hide it!

I’m on a train, a Virgin Train as it happens (and for once it isn’t smelly: I’m in shock)…I’ve spent the last week and a day away from Cheshire. I was down in south Wales visiting my parents for a few days and then popped over to London. I have much to report on that … Continue reading